Southeast Asian OTA 12Go sources ferry inventory from Direct Ferries

Direct Ferries have announced that they will be partnering with the Southeast Asian online travel agency 12Go. This partnership will give 12Go’s customers access to the full Direct Ferries ferry inventory and help expand on 12Go’s existing ferry content, especially in Europe.

By connecting to Direct Ferries’ API, 12Go will now have access to ferry content from all of the world’s major ferry operators. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are now interested in travelling by ferry as a safe mode of transport, so enabling customers to book more ferry routes is key.

Since launching in Singapore in 2012, 12Go has built a strong reputation for providing cost-effective and relevant multi-modal transportation options to travellers, initially across Southeaster Asia and now internationally too.

Elena Kozmenko, Senior Business Development Manager at 12Go said: ‘Our integration with Direct Ferries has allowed 12Go to finally complete the transport coverage in Europe and supplement the existing bus and rail inventory with ferries. Historically, the share of ferries in SEA is very high on 12Go website and we anticipate, the situation will remain the same in the new markets, taking into account people started to prefer ferries to other transport modes. We are looking forward to working with Direct Ferries to expand the existing content worldwide, to be able to meet our customers’ needs and requirements better and to contribute to the travel industry recovery and strengthening’.