Take a ferry and reduce your carbon footprint

Ferry travel is a great way for travellers to reduce their travel carbon footprint. Direct Ferries, the world largest ferry ticket booking site, has launched a Carbon Calculator, allowing travellers to calculate their travel carbon footprint for each ferry holiday they plan.

Choosing to reduce the number of flights we take each year doesn’t mean we can’t keep travelling. Combining a car or train journey with a ferry is a fantastic way to not only see more of the world but also to act on the climate crisis.

If you or your customers are planning on travelling within Europe, it’s possible to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of your journey by taking a ferry rather than flying. According to the DEFRA (Department of Energy, Food and Rural Affairs), a single foot passenger travelling on a ferry will produce only 18g of CO2e per kilometre compared to 158g for the average short-haul flight passenger, an 88% reduction in their travel carbon footprint.

Case Study
Family of 4 in a car London to Dublin